Dr. Jerrold Gorski has been serving the Long Island community as an orthopedic surgeon in general practice for over 22 years. The office has a friendly staff, is equipped to perform X-rays, is centrally located in Nassau County on Long Island and is easy to get to. Parking is plentiful and convenient. Dr. Gorski really enjoys the practice of orthopedics especially talking with and taking care of his patients, and he is opposed to the trend towards signing up patients for surgery without trying everything else first.

Among his recent accomplishments is publishing an article about a new referred pain syndrome in the prestigious Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. Dr. Gorski has successfully treated many patients with chronic neck pain and whiplash injuries by diagnosing a treatable condition found in the shoulder. He thinks that this is the most common cause of chronic neck pain, and even whiplash which can now be successfully treated. He has lectured on this new condition at national and local conferences and hospitals. His patients tell their tales of woe being misdiagnosed for years with whiplash, herniated discs, trapezius spasm, and trigger points, until they were properly diagnosed and cured. You can read the scientific article, a short description, and patient testimonials in the Neck Pain Section, along with his latest article published in the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Bulletin.

His most important past innovation includes the pioneering of cementless total joint replacement surgery. This was a revolutionary advance in the state of the art of total hip replacement. He has worked with Johnson & Johnson / DePuy to develop the AML, the SROM, and the Graduate AML hip replacement designs. Dr. Gorski was the first fellow to work with Dr. Charles Engh at the Anderson Orthopedic Research Institute. The reported long term surgical results of this cementless surgery are better than any other competing total hip replacement design. The AML and the SROM hip designs are currently considered to be the gold standard reference by which all other cementless total hip designs are measured. As a pioneer, he has seen many designs and heard many claims that have come and gone. He has read increasingly common reports of complications with minimally invasive surgery, and will continue to perform the more conservative moderately invasive surgical technique that he pioneered and which is used throughout the world. He thinks his innovations in treating neck pain will one day also be considered revolutionary advances in the state of the art of treating chronic neck pain.

Jerrold Gorski MD, FAAOS
Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon
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